Hi, I'm Dmitry Zhdankin.
My friends call me Dima.


About me

I was born in Moscow and lived in Russia until I was about 16. I moved to the US and went to Rutgers University for my undergraduate degree in economics. I then worked for the IMF where I focused on economic assistance in West Africa, especially for countries affected by the Ebola epidemic. I later pursued my MBA at Harvard and founded a startup that helped businesses create financial projections with data science.

Right before my first semester at Harvard, I went on a road trip where I drove for 18 hours to see two buildings: Philip Johnson's Glass House and Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. The experience of seeing these iconic buildings made me realize how much I love architecture, real estate, and creating unique experiences with physical spaces.

I currently live in Los Angeles where I work at intersection of real estate acquistions & data science.

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